Leben und leben lassen …Demokratie in Polen

Europa wurde wieder einmal von einer Tragödie betroffen. Der Anschlag, der dem Massaker von Nizza ähnlich ist, zeigt wirkliche Bedrohungen, von denen heute demokratische Länder stehen. Im Namen eines blutigen Krieges mit der westlichen Welt ermorden Terroristen seit Jahren unschuldige Menschen. Während des letzten Angriffs in Berlin wurden ein Pole und mehrere deutsche Bürger getötet. Der polnische... Continue Reading →

Live and let live …democracy in Poland

Europe has once again been touched by tragedy. The Berlin attack, a copycat of the one from Nice, has demonstrated the threats modern democracies are facing. In the name of a bloody war against the West, terrorists have been killing innocent people for years. The recent attack left a Polish citizen and several Germans brutally murdered. The lorry driver from Poland became... Continue Reading →

Poland Takes Its Military Might Seriously

http://nationalinterest.org/feature/poland-takes-its-military-might-seriously-18580 By: Agnia Grigas December 1, 2016 Unlike most of its NATO and European peers, Poland has consistently viewed defense as a priority issue. A call earlier this week between President-elect Donald Trump and British Prime Minister Theresa May — in which they agreed on the need for more NATO member states to commit two percent of... Continue Reading →

Biggest deployment to Europe since Cold War!

FORT CARSON, Colo. — Operations are underway at Fort Carson to prepare for the mountain post’s biggest deployment to Europe since the Cold War. Approximately 4,400 soldiers are headed to eastern Europe for a nine-month deployment, the Colorado Springs Gazette reports. They’ll bring along more than 2,800 vehicles, including 72-ton tanks and Bradley fighting vehicles, containers,... Continue Reading →

Poland’s Democracy Is Not Failing

Polish democracy is learning to play the kind of bare-knuckled, hard-ball politics that have always prevailed in the Anglosphere. Salvatore Babones September 20, 2016   ...Sometimes it seems as if the European Union is not just a rolling circus, but a rolling circus on fire. Fresh from the Brexit fiasco and still facing an unresolved... Continue Reading →

I see Fascists, everywhere Fascists…

Europe, especially EU countries on the fringes of the union, is devolving into proto-fascism. The Hungarian strongman Prime Minister Viktor Orban has destroyed his country’s democracy. Neofascist groups are gaining strength in France, the United Kingdom, Austria, Denmark, Sweden and Greece. These movements are rabidly xenophobic, racist, Islamophobic and homophobic, and they demonize immigrants and... Continue Reading →

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