Anabel Schunke Booted From Facebook for Revealing Sexual Harassment Against Herself

Look at:

The well-known German opinion writer Anabel Schunke has earned a thirty-day suspension from Facebook for exposing (if that is the right word) the obscene harassment she experienced from a culture-enricher.

Nash Montana, who translated the video below, includes this brief introduction:

Apparently Anabel Schunke was blocked on Facebook for thirty days for posting a screen shot that showed an immigrant sexually harassing her, telling her that maybe she just needed some [details redacted].

She says she is crying and sad about it because she was planning a Christmas donation campaign. She had talked to several authors and friends about donating autographed books etc. to raise money for the local homeless shelter and animal shelter.

Facebook is not the end-all of campaign donations, but I understand why she’s upset. She has a huge following and could have raised a fair amount of money.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00 Hello, dear friends,
0:03 I just… I’m having a bit of a hard time speaking right now,
0:06 because I am… I’m very sad right now.
0:13 What happened is that I just got kicked out of Facebook.
0:20 I am now blocked…
0:24 for thirty days,
0:28 therefore right until Christmas,
0:33 because of… the post
0:36 that I wrote,
0:39 a screen shot that I posted of a message
0:46 that I got from some guy
0:50 who had written to me
0:54 that I should just try out a such and such [male member],
1:01 or maybe that I needed one, whatever he wrote there,
1:04 I don’t rightly remember now;
1:07 it could be looked up…
1:11 And… yeah, I was basically sexually harassed,
1:18 I think he wrote “You just need a such and such [member] in you,
1:21 a real [member] in you”…
1:26 I posted that because that’s how I defend myself as a woman,
1:32 against such things,
1:36 and for that post I now have been blocked.
1:40 But that is not the reason that I react so sadly or whatever,
1:44 I mean being blocked by Facebook won’t end your life.
1:49 The reason I am so sad is simply because
1:53 I had planned a Christmas donation campaign on Facebook.
2:00 It is really important to me,
2:03 I wanted to collect for the homeless shelter and the local animal shelter,
2:10 and in order to motivate donations
2:15 had worked really hard the past few days and weeks
2:22 to talk to fellow friends, authors and acquaintances,
2:29 asking them for book donations, magazines, whatever,
2:33 autographed, and then I wanted to raffle them off
2:37 in order to create a bigger motivation to donate,
2:44 and yes, I really wanted to do that,
2:47 especially because Christmas time is my favorite time.
2:50 And I just think it’s incredibly important to help
2:54 the weakest in our society,
2:57 and now I can’t do that,
3:00 because I will be blocked until Christmas, and
3:03 that just makes me really sad, and I’m sorry because it’s really not like me
3:06 to show myself like this in front of the camera,
3:09 but this really bothers me deeply,
3:12 because it is so unjust.
3:15 I haven’t done anything wrong;
3:18 rather I am the one being victimized here.
3:21 And I merely defended myself as a woman.
3:25 In any case I wanted to let you know about this via this venue,
3:28 because they never give you time, they don’t warn you
3:31 ahead of time or anything,
3:34 and I had no opportunity to inform you and let you know,
3:38 and I don’t have the possibility of writing messages on Facebook now.
3:42 So this is my only opportunity here,
3:50 and now you know,
3:54 and I am very sorry that it’s not going to work out.

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